Morning Brew: Sierra cans, Columbus drinks and Flying Dog goes bewinged..


- Sierra Nevada announced on their Facebook page that the first round of Pale Ale cans should be shipping soon. They may an interesting note that all of the cans will specially lined, so that the beer never comes in contact with the aluminum.  Looking forward to seeing this hit store!

- Today and tomorrow is the Columbus Winter Beerfest at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio from 6:30PM-11:00PM. This year is featuring over 14 breweries  (260 brews) including the debut of Columbus’s newest brewery: Four Strings Brewing.

- If you haven’t checked out the video Flying Dog did for the launch of their Wildeman Farmhouse IPA in MD, VA, DC on January 30, head over to and check it out.

- I stumbled across this great article about a bartender in Colorado participating in national competitions.  He came up a lot like I did, so very neat to read.

- The Pittsburgh Beer Snob wrote a good review on the Shipyard Applehead pale wheat.  You can read it here.

- I’m working on some new things for the blog, be sure to continue checking it out as I figure out what will and wont be on here going forward.  I’ll keep the recipes, since it seems like you guys really like them.

- If you want your news posted up in the daily Morning Brew, email me at or twitter: @theoverpour.